High Output Router/Access point/Wireless Client Bridge/Repeater

  • Linksys WRT-54GS version 1.0
  • Running DD-WRT v.23std

Available here is factory refurbished version 1.0 Linksys WRT-54GS router. It has been upgraded with the most versitile and reliable open-source firmware available today. The firmware, by DD-WRT.org builds in enhanced features only available devices that would normally cost thousands of dollars $$$!

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Why buy this device from us?  
  • Availability: We have have a fertile supply of early revision V1.0 - V3.0 Linksys router models. The newest revision available at the major electronics suppliers (v5.0+) cannot accept an upgraded firmware.
  • Risk: We take away the risks and headache of firmware flashing, this allows you to enjoy the benefits of an upgrade without the real possibility of an upgrade failure rendering the device inoperable.
  • Support: you buy from it from us and we can advise you on how best to use the device.
  • Know how: Learning how to work with open-source can be a dauting task. There are many pitfalls to upgrading and configuring device firmware and the documentation is genrally forum-centric making support ambiguous at best.

Why is upgraded firmware available for the WRT54G/GS and other Linksys Products? The Linux software that runs the WRT54GS router (actually it is embedded in a chip made by Broadcom for use in Linksys Routers and Access Points) is distributed under the the GNU General Public License (GPL) which the Free Software Foundation created in 1991. Under the license, if you distribute GPL software in a product, you must also distribute the software's source code. In other words, when an organization or company uses open source software under the GNU General Public License (GPL), instead of paying a licensing fee, it is required to make that code -- and any "derivative" works they have created -- available to the public for free. Linksys and Broadcom have done just that (with pressure from the general public and the Free Sofware Foundation.) What we see now is a nice selection of free firmware to use with our Linksys Routers and Access Points (thanks of course to all of the firmware developers). You can now easily download the source code for various Linksys Products including the WRT54G/GS at the Linksys GPL Code Center.

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