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On major and smaller projects alike, superstring Interlink has the latest research and a wealth of experience in areas of Information Technology & Communications.

We offer implimentation and project management consulting services focused on wireless and remote access for corporate and private customers.

Our experience in short & long range wireless connectivity allows you to run quality, cost effective broadband applications like VOIP and streaming audio/video content without breaking the bank.

If you have a phone system or PBX and would like to learn how to save 50% on your monthy phone service fees:
Ask us about our ultra-low cost VoIP phone solutions

Do you need remote access of critical files and applications at your home or office? Ask us how to build a VPN at a shockingly low cost.

Did you know that if you own a small business network, you are responsible for the actions of anyone on that network?
If you are worried about your network security & do want monitor or restrict the on-line activities of your employees, we can help you impliment a low-cost solution to monitor un-desired internet activity in 48 hours

Are you an events coordinator?

Superstring interlink can also install temporary wireless access in any venue location for special events, professional engagements, symposiums, & seminars.

Event based wireless access can be leveraged for;Point of Sale trasactions, Vendor demonstations, marketing canmpaigns, professional community interaction & virtualization, consession sales, and lucrative "per use" paid internet access.


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