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In addition to Wireless access, we offer implimentation and project management consulting services.

We specialize in short & long range wireless connectivity allowing for a quality, cost effective foundation for broadband applications like VOIP and streaming audio/video content.

On major and minor projects alike, superstring Interlink has the latest research and a wealth of experience in areas of Information Technology & Communications.

Wi-Fi is a wireless networking technology that delivers broadband capacity over a short-range. It operates within a band of unlicensed spectrum, very similar to cordless phones. Unlike cordless phones however, which generally and uniquely pair a base station with a handset, a Wi-Fi Access Point (base station) can operate with a volume and variety of manufacturer's Wi-Fi cards (handset equivalent) which are either built-in or connected to a laptop or handheld computer. An Access Point creates a Hotspot and can accommodate multiple simultaneous users.

Glossary of Terms

Access Point - Similar to a cordless phone base station, this small device converts a traditional wired DSL connection into wireless DSL connection. Using an antenna, it broadcasts/receives computer data, creating a HotSpot. It works with Wi-Fi cards.

HotSpot – Physical area in which an Access Point and Wi-Fi Card can communicate.

Wi-Fi - Short for “wireless fidelity”, it refers to any type of 802.11 wireless network.

802.11b - The most popular standard, established by the IEEE, for wireless networking. It provides speeds up to 11 mbps (200x the speed of dialup access).

802.11G – Like “b” but can support higher speeds with longer range, established by the IEEE, for wireless networking. It provides speeds up to 54 mbps (1000x the speed of dialup access).

Superstring – Superstring theory is an attempt to explain all of the particles and fundamental forces of nature in one theory by modeling them as vibrations of tiny super symmetric strings.

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