About superstring Interlink Inc.

WiFi Hotspot service

We offer wireless access in polpular areas like:

  • Cafes
  • Diners
  • Parks
  • Trasportation terminals
  • Hotels/Motels
  • Lounges
  • Food courts & Malls

WiFi, the standard for PC wireless access allows you connect to the internet without wires and if you have a laptop or PDA most likely you already are geared to connect.

Our hotspots are easy to use, you may use a credit card for instant access or buy access using pre-paid cards available from a proprietor at one of our broadcast bases.

We employ the latest in WiFi technology. this makes it possible to connect even if you are a relatively long distance from our broadcast base allowing you to connect and roam short distances while maintaining your connection.

High Speed Kiosk Access for Your Customers

coffee bars, food service businesses and other retail merchants can leverage a new way to attract customers and increase revenue.

Using very little space you can create an internet café, from one computer up to several, inside any existing retail business. Increase customer traffic and boost revenues, all without the hassle and headache of traditional Internet café management.

Or offering comes with the following benefits:

  • No need to install a server
  • pre-paid cards allow you to control the flow of traffic and avoid loiterers
  • Quick on-line credit card payment accepted right at the terminal.
  • Service customers without worry for security, each terminal is secured against tampering and undesirable browsing.
  • Unbeatable price per access terminal

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